I am a car!


Our Totally bonkers way to raise cash for the community.


Rare as we are, we love living here at Journey’s End!


Did you know I am Protea, the national flower of South Africa?


We just love pollinating our very special vines!


Our weather is great so the solar powered winery is a no brainer!


Identity: /ai’dentiti/noun

The qualities of a person or group that make them different from others


About Identity Wines

Identity Wines is an exciting new project created by the Gabb Family of Journeys End Vineyards.

Identity wines not only represents the unique personalities and philosophies involved within the business but also perfectly encapsulates the innovative methods used in the vineyards and in the winery.

The journey from grape to glass is massively important and we have set out to ensure that we use as many sustainable methods as possible to achieve, in our opinion, the most important goal. We are relentless innovators, striving for absolutely perfection and producing quality wine without compromise!

True to Ourselves

There is no I in team and we wholeheartedly believe this.

While our Fairtrade certification confirms Journey’s End’s commitment to fair employment practices, and is an important step in showing solidarity with the Fairtrade global movement, Journey’s End manages an on-going programme of initiatives and projects that go beyond the workplace benefitting the wider community as a whole.

We hope to make a difference – ultimately striving to be a force for good!

How do we help the community?

Sir Lowry’s Pass Village School

The local school is no exception to the poverty apparent in many parts of S.A. Projects were sought that would most effectively benefit the students and the community as a whole.


Funding of the school hall

The Sir Lowry’s Pass Primary School was in dire need of a school hall. All assemblies and school events were held out in the open, in all weathers.

  • To build a school hall, the government required the community to raise a large sum of money. Journey’s End came to the communities assistance underwriting the cost of the scheme and providing the significant funds required. The building work was successfully completed in March 2018.

Beat the Bully


BEAT THE BULLY is an initiative taken by Hettie Orffer that trains teachers and youth workers how to intervene in order to reduce bullying incidents in schools.

She uses her unique program with a new in-depth hands-on intervention approach at Sir Lowry’s Pass Primary School.

The program is integrated into the curriculum and the school take the responsibility for ongoing development.

New school kitchens

Journey’s End is working on a plan to fund the construction of new school kitchens. Our aims is to:

  • Feed 1500 school children twice daily
  • In most cases we will provide the only food the child will receive for the entire day.

True to Nature

Our unique location, overlooking False Bay, means Identity Wines vineyards are blessed with a cooling ocean breeze delivering fresh zippy acidity and natural elegance. We aim to create wines that are unique yet true to their terroir. Quality winemaking without compromise is our mantra!



How are we true to nature?

New research suggest that Bees are one of the world's most important pollinators of food crops. We have beehives on the farm that encourage pollination, promote bio-diversity and provide delicious honey.

Amphorae pots and cement eggs emphasise our ambitions and innovations when it comes to wine production. The pots and eggs add unique qualities to the wine enhancing both depth and flavour. We also rely on wild yeast strains spawning in the vineyards and winery to add further complexity to our wines.

Tenacious characters and hardworking individuals make up the Journeys End family. Without them we wouldn’t be able to make the wine.

Unanimously focussed on sustainable farming. We are the second wine farm in South Africa to be totally solar powered. We also have amazing wildlife such as the rare Blue Crane, Spotted Eagle Owls who help us with rodent control, wild peacocks and geese. The vineyard has set aside 20 hectares for conservation purposes encouraging the indigenous flora and fauna to grow and flourish.

Relentless in our goal to produce consumer centric wines that are delicious, approachable and most importantly top quality

Every drop counts – We have drip irrigation in place on our farm, pulling rain water from 3 catchment dams situated on the vineyards.

Thanks you for trying our wines. EVERY drop you drink helps us support our community.


  • The Cape winelands are located in the Cape Floral Kingdom. One of six such plant kingdoms in the world, it is the smallest yet richest, home to more than 9 500 plant species – more than are found in the whole of the northern hemisphere.
  • 70% of the plants found here are not found anywhere else on earth – the Cape Floral Kingdom is a world heritage site.
  • It is estimated that one third of the food that we consume each day relies on pollination from bees
  • Water conservation helps improve resilience to drought as well as improving farmers livelihoods and food security.

Our Trebuchet

Let us introduce you to our state of the art medieval siege war weapon… AKA the Trebuchet. This majestic beast has been providing huge amounts of fun and entertainment over the years, whether it being used as a centre piece for whacky wine shows or simply just chucking a barrel or two. The Trebuchet is another unique way of raising funds for the community and our projects.

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Tasting Room

Monday Friday : 10h00 - 17h00

Cost per tasting is R1080, minimum of 6 people.
January 15th to March 30th we are busy with harvest and may not be able to accommodate you.

For further info and bookings contact Tom Hanson-Smith on or Mike Dawson on referencing ‘Identity Wines’


General Contact
+27 (0)21 8581929


Sir Lowry’s Pass Road
Somerset West 7130
Western Cape
South Africa

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Brand Manager UK

Tom Hanson Smith